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Antennas and Radomes

Delta G has years of experience developing and installing large and small radomes for military and commercial use. Having worked closely with the FAA on major radome and fairing installations, we ensure our designs meet the rigorous requirements of FAR 25 and FAR 23 such as aerodynamic loading, buffet, bird impact, decompression, as well as many others. Delta G Design has also worked with EASA on STC development and meets all Certification Specifications (CS25) 

Delta G Design currently owns and maintains many STC's that install antennas and radomes of all sizes and frequency ranges for a variety of aircraft. The antennas include Ku-, L-, S-band and others. The antennas are used for satellite communication through the Iridium and Inmarsat systems providing television, internet access, and aircraft flight data transmissions.  Delta G is constantly developing new STC's for antenna and radome installations for airlines, Head of State, and military use.

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